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Companies that are looking for new customers online must pull out all the stops and penetrate as many internet marketing channels as possible taking a broad approach to achieve strategic marketing benefits. This is especially true for marketing locally which is known as local search engine marketing.  One of the most important areas to focus your local marketing dollars on is SEO, which is an internet marketing technique that offers many different and productive recommendations to improve your website performance in as many ways as possible to impress both the search engines and human beings visiting.

Start by finding the right SEO Consultant possessing a deep tool chest of proven techniques and knowledge for providing recommendations and proposed changes to make your business website more relevant and capable in attracting targeted traffic and great business leads.

How much would you invest in a project that could eventually become your primary business marketing platform (that’s largely paid for) that continually delivers results well into the future by generating business leads and interested sales prospects taking action on your company website? The answer instead of being in dollars (although it usually takes a minimum of about 20 hours work) can also be stated in lost opportunity costs evidenced by not doing the right things while your competition is more ‘on the ball.’  A capable SEO marketing consultant can show you the right steps to market your business online and surpass competitors’ websites versus your company falling further and further behind in connecting with interested business prospects.

Local Search Engine Marketing for Businesses

One of the areas to discuss with an SEO Marketing Consultant is regarding strategies for marketing either locally or nationally. For local search marketing there are particular areas to focus upon that can provide added website visibility in the geographical target area.  There are dozens of legitimate methods of marketing your business through traditional media channels, but nothing is as powerful and rewarding as putting together a Local SEO plan that increases local market penetration in your community or city by growing your internet profile.

Believe it or not there is some free internet real estate that can be capitalized upon to publish web content about your company on various Web 2.0 properties.  We know of and regularly use around 100 social media sites for creating business profiles and links for you such as with social bookmarking.  Areas to be worked on for local search marketing will be your website content, as it will need to be updated or optimized to include keywords for your city combined with the product you’re selling in order to acknowledge with search engines exactly what your primary product is and where it’s sold.

Agree on the Marketing Plan and Project Elements Prior to Making Changes

An important aspect of any local search marketing campaign is to agree with your SEO consultant regarding each individual SEO recommendation so that everybody stays on the same page literally and figuratively, and agrees to the stated marketing plan and end goals of the project.  The ground work should be completed before making any changes to the website content and certainly before any link building begins.  This includes getting agreement from your webmaster or website developer regarding their capabilities to handle all the project requirements such as with your Google Webmaster Tools account and XML sitemap submissions services, not to mention optimizing Google Places and maps for accuracy and authenticity.

One very simple practice to help your local search profile is to include your business physical address prominently on every single page on your website along with the business name and telephone number along with the website address. Along with the business local address you could include, or link to, your Google maps page that can be set up easily in a webmaster tools account.  In local search marketing, businesses need to take an active role in making changes to web content and outside business profiles in order to closely match the geographical vicinity of your marketing footprint.

Look for Great Niche Directories

In addition to address information listed on your business website, one of the services provided by SEO Consultants is to seek out and discover the best niche directories for your line of business that could be potential candidates to get a new business listing published.  Besides business niche directories, it’s best to find local business directories for your town, city, or state that will list your business website address along with reviews of your services (whether good or bad). Examples of review sites include and Merchant which are free to set up and will add some new visibility to your company online.  We use around 20 local business profile websites for our clients.

The three basic types of directories we use are Local Business Directories, Niche Directories, and High Page Rank Directories such as or the Yahoo directory. Submitting to useful directories is definitely worth the trouble and cost.

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