Do You Believe In SEO – Building a Better Website

Is Web Marketing Worth the Investment?

When first starting marketing products on the internet back in 2002, the first thing I did was to build a website using available free publishing tools. I soon discovered that the website could only be marketed through Google pay-per-click because it didn’t possess built-in features and capability to allow it to be Google friendly (we won’t go into the details). The site had serious built-in limitations. Marketing through Google pay-per-click advertising and paid search advertising was indeed effective for generating sales, but was not effective for allowing for left over profit. The high expense of generating sales through this first sub-par site quickly exceeded $100 per day in online advertising expenditures. At that time it was decided that something needed to change. An important lesson was learned.

Time to Find a New Solution – Building a Better Website That Succeeds Online Prevailing Over Competition – Without Requiring Pay Per Click

Then from independently reading about something called ‘search engine optimization’ new professional skills and internet marketing techniques were learned.  Building better websites that could earn top rankings became the expectation, which lead to dominating my first product niche online, plus eventually lead to earning a full-time living through online marketing which enabled the dumping of the full-time corporate job (best decision I ever made). In addition, two other marketing websites for two other product niches earned multiple top ranking positions in Google for the most competitive keyword phrases which diversified the monthly income base providing multiple income streams. Whether it’s a secondary income or a primary income, you can take SEO to the bank as a field of knowledge that can turn websites into profit making machines.

Get Serious About SEO

After getting phone calls from online competitors asking me “how did you do this….how did you earn top rankings on so many keywords?”….soon the inquiries lead to outside SEO Work and referrals that turned into an SEO Business leading to the launch of the site website in 2008.

Just like any other business in the marketplace, you’d better stay on top of the industry news and competition or you’ll perish.  If you think you got it bad, this business competes against a lot of TOP SEOS!  By treating customers honestly, with quality services and products that deliver genuine value, and with the help of Google appreciating our work, the business has grown and seen lead generation and marketing on the internet increase sales by approximately 20% yearly – which is the new expectation.  To compete effectively on the internet in organic search it requires an Advanced SEO that never runs out of quality marketing ideas to move the SEO project continually forward.

Our specialty niche is helping Colorado Businesses succeed online through organic search engine optimization or natural search engine optimization. We focus upon Colorado companies and can help you in dozens of ways to improve your website performance in the search engines.

If you’re interested in SEO Benefits call Kevin at 303.501.4944

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