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As a Colorado business owner it’s up to you to ask the right questions, identify the best business solutions that are practical yet worthy of reaching for, and keep improving your business efficiencies to improve profitability, not to mention increase your small business valuation through acquiring and retaining lifetime customers that generate sales opportunities over and over again.  That’s a mouthful; however, any good SEO consultant should help you execute the right internet marketing plan to accomplish all of these important objectives when developing a business plan for your web marketing strategy.

Questions to Discuss with Your SEO Company Representative

  • What’s the overall condition or prospects for my company website as seen by the search engines and in comparison to my top online competition?
  • Can I work with the actual person  versus working with other company staff and sales representatives that aren’t personally proven SEO’s?
  • Why is your SEO Price, cost of services, and hourly rates versus other local search engine marketing companies?
  • Is an SEO Contract required, and what will I get for my initial investment dollars with your company.
  • What are the expectations after around six months of professional services are completed?
  • What are the SEO Services you personally specialize in versus other internet marketing experts involved in the project team?
  • Show us the websites under your management or control that have achieved top search engine rankings online?
  • What would be the first search engine optimization techniques employed in your search engine optimization analysis of our web site?
  • Describe your incoming linking strategies and tactics in order to establish a diversified link profile or natural link profile and how much do your link building campaigns cost?
  • How is your local search marketing expertise for local businesses versus creating a website that competes globally on global keywords?
  • When can you start providing your program and do you charge extra for on site personal company meetings versus telephone consulting?
  • Why should I pick your company versus other professional search engine optimization experts in the area?
  • What are the competitive advantages in the marketplace that can directly benefit my company’s bottom line?
  • Explain your local social media experience and how do you apply Social Media Optimization in your overall web marketing strategy?
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