Link Building Is Becoming Less Effective

Even more complex, creative, and challenging than building out your main business website is the process and activity of link building.  Incoming links still provide the oxygen that allows your website to breathe and ultimately delivers search engine hits and human visitors.  In 2012 the Google search algorithms put serious dampers on link building activities making the technique less effective.

The best search engine marketing companies know that all websites competing in competitive keyword space for head keywords need substantial incoming links which requires investment in sharing content and distributing branded content that people love to read.

It’s still possible to improve online marketing results by consistently building up your link profile on as many websites on different domains with different IP addresses as possible, but it’s becoming less and less effective and a more risky venture for marketers and business owners.

We have written some older SEO Articles on the link popularity topic and the way things used to be before 2012.  All linking companies will still educate their client base on the multiple link building benefits which have to be justified as they’ll need to compete against other marketing activities.  Most business owners do not have the time or dedicated staff to undertake professional link building projects in-house, and therefore Outsource SEO requirements to local experts that know what they’re doing.

One of the typical techniques used to improve online marketing website visibility is through building links on as many types of sites as possible.  Twitter is an example of microblogging websites which has become a Web 2.0 phenomenon as defined by Wikipedia.  Assuming you believe in organic results or natural search engine rankings you’re going to need to constantly invest in inbound links and micro blogging sites are just one option.  As web content is expanded be sure to have some deep linking services done to point links to your internal web pages.

Link Building by the Colorado SEO Experts

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