Article Writing Package Link Building Service

Article Writing & Distribution Service = $325 per Article

We will write a quality article about your company, business, products, or services and then distribute the article to places where it can get found and deliver traffic and quality incoming links.

  • We optimize the article for one main search engine keyword phrase
  • Quality article written and distributed to selected directories, published blogs, or newsletters with readers that have subscribed to your topic for more information.
  • Distributing or republishing your articles to top directories makes all the difference for the effectiveness of the project
  • Your articles may be distributed or picked up by other website owners for republishing which gives you even more back links and opportunities for targeted traffic
  • Articles will include a bio section for optimized anchor text leading back to your web site
  • Your article will be written by professional copy writers offering very readable and informative content
  • Articles will be unique and have original content written about your web site topic
  • Topics will be researched fully and written into an interesting story or angle
  • All professionally written articles have Google friendly content for the post-Panda and post-Penguin world we all now live in
  • The finished article is distributed to premium article directories and article banks for top quality content that is manually reviewed by human editors prior to approving publishing.
  • Manual distribution by human beings is much better than automated programs and article distribution software packages that the publishers don’t like to work with.
  • The article distribution service associated with this article package is one of the most valuable portions of the service. If distribution is not done correctly the entire effort could become worthless. We ensure quality article distribution which may lead to your new article being published on many other sites and domains for additional link back to your site.

With publishing quality written articles you have the highest possibility of gaining new targeted traffic to your main site as people become engaged in the article and follow the links to the author or in this case the owner of the content.

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High Quality Blog Guest Posting Link Building Service

Guest Posting is one of the primary ways to build links to your site.  It must be done correctly to get the benefits.  Here’s more about our Guest Posting Service:

  • Payment Terms are paid in advance
  • We’ve seen this same link building service of blog guest posting priced at $40 per individual blog guest post versus our program’s low price of $8 per individual blog guest post.
  • A blog guest post is brief article or commentary written up regarding your website topic that is published on a website or blog that is owned by an individual in our contact network in the community of bloggers.
  • We identify outside blogs that accept guest post content written about your company, keywords or website topic.
  • Do not start this link building program unless you can commit to a minimum of 3-6 months of one of our link building services, the longer the better.
  • We will work with you to determine the exact link anchor text wording to use for your links.
  • You will need links built to both the home page as well as to the internal pages, which is called deep linking, to strengthen your domain authority.
  • We follow the blog owners’ guest posting guidelines.
  • Google can quickly find and index these new guest post links. Having topical content with newly discovered links pointed to your site helps your site rank higher in the search engines for competitive keywords.
  • Google prefers to see links built to your site gradually over time for best results and for content freshness.
  • Each month a report will be provided showing the location of your new links

Try blog guest posting for the first month, and then move on to one of our other packages for the second month.

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Professional Link Building Services for Small Business

Link building is necessary to build up more incoming pathways to your critical web content.  It is one of the main foundations of building an authoritative website that can get found in search engines.  In 2012 it is more important than ever to get your link building right because doing it correctly helps your site rank higher, get more traffic, and leads people to the exact pages to make a sale.   Link building done in the wrong way (as in the past years) damages your site’s credibility and impedes further progress in the search engines, or even in some cases gets you penalized, demoted, or banned from the Google index.

Each month we can generate different types of incoming links for your link building program build up a diversified link profile containing different types of incoming links such as social media links, RSS Feed links, Article submissions, or social bookmarking links.

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$500 SEO Services Special Package

Our $500 SEO Package Delivers Maximum Value !

For more information contact Kevin at 303.501.4944.

  • Website Review – Initial Communication on Goals, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Target Market, history, Site Architecture etc.
  • Keyword Research  – with proprietary software tools
  • Website Audit Checklist – for full benefits of the audit
  • Online Competitive Analysis – evaluate 2 other online competitors metrics
  • Follow Up Meeting – telephone call or personal meeting to discuss keyword research and website audit, competitive analysis results, formulate strategy, and discuss the highest priority SEO Recommendations
  • Reports Included – Keyword Analysis – Online Competitive Analysis
  • Web Page Optimization – optimize home page + 2 other internal web pages
  • All proposed content changes will be approved by client prior to publishing
  • Webmaster Consultation – Consult with client’s webmaster or web developer as needed to implement changes and recommendations
  • Quality Control – review optimized pages post-publishing
  • Link Building – 500 word article published on established blog, website, or newly created Web 2.0 property with vanity URL.  Content document will be linked to the clients’ website.  Possibly featured on the Best of Colorado Blog.
  • SEO Consulting Review – Follow up visit to discuss future inbound linking recommendations, social media marketing activities, web content expansion recommendations, and possible future SEO project tasks and activities.

Read our recent article entitled:   What Does Web Site Visibility Mean?
Estimated package completion period 2-3 weeks
Payment terms are paid in advance.
Visit our Linked In and Google +

Contact Kevin at 303.501.4944

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SEO Consultant Makes Local Search Marketing Recommendations

Companies that are looking for new customers online must pull out all the stops and penetrate as many internet marketing channels as possible taking a broad approach to achieve strategic marketing benefits. This is especially true for marketing locally which is known as local search engine marketing.  One of the most important areas to focus your local marketing dollars on is SEO, which is an internet marketing technique that offers many different and productive recommendations to improve your website performance in as many ways as possible to impress both the search engines and human beings visiting.

Start by finding the right SEO Consultant possessing a deep tool chest of proven techniques and knowledge for providing recommendations and proposed changes to make your business website more relevant and capable in attracting targeted traffic and great business leads.

How much would you invest in a project that could eventually become your primary business marketing platform (that’s largely paid for) that continually delivers results well into the future by generating business leads and interested sales prospects taking action on your company website? The answer instead of being in dollars (although it usually takes a minimum of about 20 hours work) can also be stated in lost opportunity costs evidenced by not doing the right things while your competition is more ‘on the ball.’  A capable SEO marketing consultant can show you the right steps to market your business online and surpass competitors’ websites versus your company falling further and further behind in connecting with interested business prospects.

Local Search Engine Marketing for Businesses

One of the areas to discuss with an SEO Marketing Consultant is regarding strategies for marketing either locally or nationally. For local search marketing there are particular areas to focus upon that can provide added website visibility in the geographical target area.  There are dozens of legitimate methods of marketing your business through traditional media channels, but nothing is as powerful and rewarding as putting together a Local SEO plan that increases local market penetration in your community or city by growing your internet profile.

Believe it or not there is some free internet real estate that can be capitalized upon to publish web content about your company on various Web 2.0 properties.  We know of and regularly use around 100 social media sites for creating business profiles and links for you such as with social bookmarking.  Areas to be worked on for local search marketing will be your website content, as it will need to be updated or optimized to include keywords for your city combined with the product you’re selling in order to acknowledge with search engines exactly what your primary product is and where it’s sold.

Agree on the Marketing Plan and Project Elements Prior to Making Changes

An important aspect of any local search marketing campaign is to agree with your SEO consultant regarding each individual SEO recommendation so that everybody stays on the same page literally and figuratively, and agrees to the stated marketing plan and end goals of the project.  The ground work should be completed before making any changes to the website content and certainly before any link building begins.  This includes getting agreement from your webmaster or website developer regarding their capabilities to handle all the project requirements such as with your Google Webmaster Tools account and XML sitemap submissions services, not to mention optimizing Google Places and maps for accuracy and authenticity.

One very simple practice to help your local search profile is to include your business physical address prominently on every single page on your website along with the business name and telephone number along with the website address. Along with the business local address you could include, or link to, your Google maps page that can be set up easily in a webmaster tools account.  In local search marketing, businesses need to take an active role in making changes to web content and outside business profiles in order to closely match the geographical vicinity of your marketing footprint.

Look for Great Niche Directories

In addition to address information listed on your business website, one of the services provided by SEO Consultants is to seek out and discover the best niche directories for your line of business that could be potential candidates to get a new business listing published.  Besides business niche directories, it’s best to find local business directories for your town, city, or state that will list your business website address along with reviews of your services (whether good or bad). Examples of review sites include and Merchant which are free to set up and will add some new visibility to your company online.  We use around 20 local business profile websites for our clients.

The three basic types of directories we use are Local Business Directories, Niche Directories, and High Page Rank Directories such as or the Yahoo directory. Submitting to useful directories is definitely worth the trouble and cost.

Ask about our  5 Competitive Advantages and Flexible Pricing Plans

Call today:  Kevin at 303.501.4944

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Do You Believe In SEO – Building a Better Website

Is Web Marketing Worth the Investment?

When first starting marketing products on the internet back in 2002, the first thing I did was to build a website using available free publishing tools. I soon discovered that the website could only be marketed through Google pay-per-click because it didn’t possess built-in features and capability to allow it to be Google friendly (we won’t go into the details). The site had serious built-in limitations. Marketing through Google pay-per-click advertising and paid search advertising was indeed effective for generating sales, but was not effective for allowing for left over profit. The high expense of generating sales through this first sub-par site quickly exceeded $100 per day in online advertising expenditures. At that time it was decided that something needed to change. An important lesson was learned.

Time to Find a New Solution – Building a Better Website That Succeeds Online Prevailing Over Competition – Without Requiring Pay Per Click

Then from independently reading about something called ‘search engine optimization’ new professional skills and internet marketing techniques were learned.  Building better websites that could earn top rankings became the expectation, which lead to dominating my first product niche online, plus eventually lead to earning a full-time living through online marketing which enabled the dumping of the full-time corporate job (best decision I ever made). In addition, two other marketing websites for two other product niches earned multiple top ranking positions in Google for the most competitive keyword phrases which diversified the monthly income base providing multiple income streams. Whether it’s a secondary income or a primary income, you can take SEO to the bank as a field of knowledge that can turn websites into profit making machines.

Get Serious About SEO

After getting phone calls from online competitors asking me “how did you do this….how did you earn top rankings on so many keywords?”….soon the inquiries lead to outside SEO Work and referrals that turned into an SEO Business leading to the launch of the site website in 2008.

Just like any other business in the marketplace, you’d better stay on top of the industry news and competition or you’ll perish.  If you think you got it bad, this business competes against a lot of TOP SEOS!  By treating customers honestly, with quality services and products that deliver genuine value, and with the help of Google appreciating our work, the business has grown and seen lead generation and marketing on the internet increase sales by approximately 20% yearly – which is the new expectation.  To compete effectively on the internet in organic search it requires an Advanced SEO that never runs out of quality marketing ideas to move the SEO project continually forward.

Our specialty niche is helping Colorado Businesses succeed online through organic search engine optimization or natural search engine optimization. We focus upon Colorado companies and can help you in dozens of ways to improve your website performance in the search engines.

If you’re interested in SEO Benefits call Kevin at 303.501.4944

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How To Boost Local Search Marketing Results

Colorado Search Marketing Consultant Article

The term local search marketing refers to marketing activities that promote your online web content over the internet in order to attract business leads in a specific geographical area versus creating your web content to compete on a national or global scale. One example of local search versus national search is if you’re a flower shop in Littleton then build out your web content and incoming links targeting the concept of ‘Littleton’ versus creating your site on keywords ‘flower shop’ without regards to where it is. Getting a Local Search Marketing Plan in place working with your favorite Colorado SEO makes it possible to see continual advancement of your site in organic search engine results.  In the ‘flower shop’ example you can easily understand why having a website that is not local search optimized can cause your site to be invisible in search engines as people want to buy flowers locally, not from out of state, so your online marketing strategy is to beat other local business websites in your town.  (We do this very effectively and efficiently.)

Colorado Local Search Marketing Example

Our SEO customer in Trinidad, Colorado hired us for a local search marketing campaign for his Colorado realtor and real estate business which specializes in selling mountain land.  We achieved multiple top search engine rankings result and hit our target for the most competitive search term possible – how’s that for delivering client results?  The most competitive search term is Colorado Land and our client achieved #1 Google Rankings through our SEO Services and the targeted hits and site visits for qualified lead sales traffic has never been higher!  Other top search terms achieving higher rankings for this site include “colorado land for sale” and “southern colorado land”.

Our local SEO marketing experts focus on serving businesses in Colorado for local search engine optimization projects. We take certain steps to promote our own company online such as using Colorado Business Directories (we use at least a dozen) and also local Littleton Business Directories which is indeed effective and will work for your site too. Another example of a local search marketing strategy is to create a Google Places Page for your business in one of your Google accounts which is free. This is our Colorado SEO Expert Marketing Google Places page for example.  More local search marketing strategies steps including having customers review your site at one of the top business review sites on the internet. Your website content will require some optimization labor to improve specific web pages to zero in on the chosen geographical area you’re targeting, as well as optimize for certain keywords that bring the exact type of customer you want.  By applying local search tactics your website will gradually and consistently rise in the search engine results and be seen in the Google 7 pack listings at the top of the results page.

Work With a Local SEO Specialist for Local Search Marketing Services

Competing online for local search results is less competitive than competing with all companies in the United States, but it can also be very competitive for certain types of businesses or industries that operate locally such as attorneys, chiropractors, plumbers, dry cleaning, electricians, and car mechanic to name a few.  It’s worth your time to meet with an SEO Specialist that is credible in your local marketplace to evaluate your current internet marketing plan to ensure you’re on the right track and not wasting precious time or resources. In addition, it is recommended to get to know the exact person that will be working on your site and site promotion for accountability purposes in any local search optimization project.

Colorado SEO and Local Search Marketing Expert Services

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Just Released SEO Services Packages

Colorado business owners have a choice on how to purchase their SEO Services. One purchase option is to choose from the various search engine optimization packages available on the market and the other option is to purchase Professional SEO Services at a flat fee price or as needed for individual SEO Services and SEO products that are required to resolve specific web marketing shortcomings in their overall online marketing plan.

Denver SEO Packages Are Price Competitive

For any business to succeed online you need persistent determination in your endeavors to invest in your website content expansion and link building over a period of time. SEO Packages are designed to address broad aspects of business owners’ website marketing needs, but also choosing the right package will depend upon what cycle of development your site’s presently in.  We can help you make the right choice on SEO Packages Options.  SEO Packages are designed to deliver discounted pricing for a package of individual services for the business owner that needs multiple marketing channels covered in their SEO Package.

Full Services SEO Package

If you haven’t yet had an SEO Consultant work with your company you need a Full Services SEO Package that at a minimum includes Keyword Research – an SEO Website Audit – On-Page Optimization for home page and at least three other internal pages – as well as some beginning link building to start your off-site SEO ranking and increase website visibility.  The link building products chosen will depend upon whether you’re competing locally (eg. Littleton, Colorado, Denver, Arvada etc.) or have national SEO aspirations competing with websites nationwide, and will also depend on what stage of link building services your site needs next.

Local Search Marketing SEO Packages

If you’re primarily a local company such as for Zip Lines in Colorado then the link building package must include local search directories and local review sites such as Merchant Circle and Yelp etc. as well as some Business Profile Sites for reviews of your business and don’t forget the Google Places page. We offer a many great Local Search Marketing link building choices.  Once you have some search engine ranking momentum established showing up in Google SERPs then continue to build upon that momentum with some Third Tier Linking services. We will show you exactly how to capitalize on Google Rankings.

  • Existing Website Full Services SEO 10 hours of Consulting and Services
  • New Website With Built-In Marketing Features
  • Existing Website Full Service SEO + Link Building
  • Link Building Packages
  • Webmaster Services or Website Development Web Design
  • Facebook Fan Page Creation
  • Internet Competitors Marketing Intelligence Analysis
  • SEO Package 4 Hours On Site SEO Coaching and Consulting
  • Mature Site SEO Packages to Zero In on Head Competitive Keyword Rankings
  • Comprehensive Colorado Search Engine Optimization Services

If your website has been around for several years we’ll take the time necessary to discover exactly what your website strengths and weaknesses are versus your online competition.  We only use factual data and website statistics data as well as our eight years of SEO Consulting and website ranking experience in making SEO Recommendations.

We’ll review your existing website marketing strategy for overall effectiveness and work with you to mutually agree upon the best strategic marketing plan that step-by-step moves your site and marketing forward.

Expectations for search engine ranking results in working with our services will be communicated regularly, and we’ll actually show you what’s going on with your website ranking competition using SEO Analysis Software. In our opinion it’s always better to actually sit down and show people what’s going on versus trying to preach something to them that may be overly confusing due to buzz word gibberish.

Colorado SEO Marketing Companies Deliver Results call 303.501.4944

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How To Benefit from SEO Consultant Services

Colorado Business Owners Need Internet Marketing Experts

Let’s face it, successfully competing on the internet is a challenge that most Colorado Business Owners experience if they’re serious about growing sales and expanding sales. Your business website can be a tremendous business asset and marketing asset by making consistent investments in content and links as directed by a Local SEO Consultant. By working with an experienced professional company along with all the techniques for local search marketing for your Colorado community and knows a thing or two about National SEO Campaigns as well as Local SEO Campaigns you can begin to build the reputation and website authority needed to attract excellent business leads finding your higher keyword rankings in search engines, all while increasing website performance consistently over time by keeping people engaged on your site reading content and avoiding bounce rate.

There are many many ways to benefit from local marketing services if you’re getting the right advice.  Basically we help you improve your website in as many ways as possible using data metrics and Advanced SEO knowledge combined with using some of our outside business partners for specialized services.

The right Internet Marketing Expert in all areas of SEO including on-page, off-page SEO, and Link building such as taking advantage of our highly-valuable tier link building services, or third tier linking, gets your site on track to consistently move up through more search strings which is evidenced by expanding monthly targeted site visitors as evidenced by more robust website analytics reports and daily traffic reports.


Call Local SEO Consultant Kevin at 303.501.4944


What is Organic Search Engine Optimization?

One of our specialties is organic search engine optimization or Organic SEO. The best way to lower your marketing costs over time is to naturally attract targeted business leads to your key website pages (yes…internal pages not just the home page) and wow them with great interesting content that is easily understood with a simple call to action that’s prominent and visible. And yes, don’t forget to actually be there to answer the phone or respond to inquiries promptly. By working with a Professional SEO Company you can expect your site to continually rise up on the search engine results for many keywords that are targeted that deliver the exact traffic that’s most important to you. Over time you gain traction on new keywords which is the beginning of Google momentum.

But, it’s an arduous process to get there and takes diligence, patience, details, and a comprehensive knowledge base to increase website performance in the search engines.

The good news is that it’s doable, affordable, and well-worth the brain damage!

We’ve got that SEO Expertise you need and the outside business partnerships to put together a high-performing web asset management team, and be your internet marketing department.

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Introducing Third Tier Link Building Services

Our new tier link building services is specifically designed to provide maximum link building exposure of your website at an affordable SEO rate delivering higher search engine rankings value consistently.

To rank your website and consistently climb in the natural search engine rankings you’ve got to have fresh unique content that is relevant to your business niche matched with quality Offsite SEO Services which comes down to website link building that fulfills multiple purposes. The main purpose of link building is to increase website visibility by generating or creating more live links on outside websites or domains that lead search engines and human beings to your most cherished web content so they’ll hopefully buy your product or services. We’ve been doing many different types of link building for over eight years and know what works and what does not work.

Our Third Tier Link Building Services are affordable and effective at delivering superior search engine ranking results whether it’s for Local Search Marketing for a specified geographically targeted area or for a national search project using global keywords.

Without effective link building for quality and quantity your site moving up in organic search engine rankings is futile.

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